Flexible Clavicle is Evolving

The Ranger Classic is taking an evolutionary step today. I’m adding brass reinforcements inside the flexible clavicles. Been getting lots of feedback about these getting loose and so I’m hoping this will help resolve much if not all of that. Many of the Ranger classic torsos have that hole you’re seeing there in the left socket because I also want to do a video showing people how they can drill through their existing flexible clavicles and rig their own tightening mechanism in the absence of this new design.

For those with the older design remember that the torch method shown on the A9rig.com page still works.

The drilling-hack will also be great, so stay tuned for that: youtube.com/armaturenine or a9rig.com

2 thoughts on “Flexible Clavicle is Evolving

  1. Don’t know how I originally missed seeing this. Will this new design for the flexible clavicle be offered to order on their own? I’d love to order a set.


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