“Give us more info, or else”

The very next day after making that post, I get this from Shopify:

There used to be a time I could just go out into the world, offer my services and if people liked me or my services, they’d hire me. Places that operated like this saw the most rapid decline in poverty history has ever witnessed.

But then government started capitalizing on this and requiring things like licenses and medalions (in New York, for example, if you want to have your own taxi business you need to pay $100,000 up front just to get a little tin plaque that goes on your car and gives you the right to do so).

Now, even though I’ve been running this business for over ten years, not only do you still need all these things, but apparently you need to disclose information about your “private” business.

I gotta tell ya, this whole private enterprise thing doesn’t feel so private anymore.

It seems to me that we’re headed into a world where everybody works for government. Even if privacy was respected, we are still paying close to half of our income to the government via sales, gas, income, property and other taxes which makes us almost 50% slave.

All this means is that the desire to strive, the desire to innovate, the desire to improve people’s life, our own and or be of service to others will quickly evaporate and be replaced with the desire to control and or be controlled.


The only solution is to vote with your time, feet and wallet. When voting with your feet, do everything in your power to live in a state, county, city or town where either the legislation or the culture is more free so that your dollars are spent in places that value liberty. Vote with your time by working for smaller and local companies. Even if it pays less, at least you’ll sleep better at night. And vote with your wallet by spending your money on small and local business whenever possible. Because the further from us the power structures are that we feed, the more indifferent they will become of our own needs.

One thought on ““Give us more info, or else”

  1. In case anyone’s wondering: they wanted to know where I lived (street address) and wanted to know who else had a stake in the company or if I was the only owner.


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