Onto June Orders

Just a heads up that I’m finally done with May orders and onto June. June had half the number of orders that May did so I’m expecting to be done with these in a couple weeks. Definitely gaining on orders and hoping to keep this pace up so that I can take a few orders for Christmas. But that will likely be a very short window since I don’t like taking orders for Christmas that I can’t delivered on time. Therefore, depending on how fast I go this month and next, I’ll probably need to shut down the storefront mid November.

Go to the top of the Armature Nine blog to subscribe and be the first to know when (and if) this window of opportunity opens up: https://armaturenine.wordpress.com/

Thank you again for your patience as we work to catch up. My son (13) has been a tremendous help and has become quite an artistic talent himself. I look forward to introducing you all some day 🙂

4 thoughts on “Onto June Orders

  1. Keep up the good work Paul! That’s really cool to hear your son’s involved, I’m sure when I was a kid I would’ve been excited to make things with 3D printers!

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