Oh Joy!

Today I managed to add two new plastic printers. That means now 4 out of the 12 machines can do plastic. I’m so happy! This has been such a bottleneck. I’ve been constantly finding myself waiting for my two poor plastic printers to catch up with all the wooden parts. What’s more, is that now that I know this repair worked, I actually have enough pieces to do two more machines which will bring the plastic printer count up to 6.

I’m soooooo eager to be caught up and on top of things again.

I can’t tell you how bad I’ve been feeling about it this year. I feel like I’ve let so many people down. Yet so many of you have been so gracious and patient it melts my heart! So thank you most of all!

I haven’t made the kind of progress this month I had hoped so it looks like I’ll still be catching up most of January and then will finally be bringing back the products hopefully. Though I have another puzzle to solve which is that with these orders I will be running out of platforms and need to look into

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