I’m getting close

Ok I’m about to finish an order that had purchased 86 different products and various quantities of each (mostly pieces and appendiges). Phew! What a trip!

And I’ve also been keeping my army of bots busy all the whilte making other pieces so that hopefully what remains ( only a handful of orders) will be shipped shortly after.

Whenever I get large orders like this, that often request pieces that are somewhat obscure and I haven’t made in a while, it sends me on this -tilt! tilt!- -update- journey where I need to bring a variety of assets up to speed with current settings and systems. Kinda nice once it’s all said and done though because I won’t have to deal with some of those speed bumps next time an order comes through for those pieces.

What a crazy thing this A9 RIG product-line is.

Thank you all again. Your patience is appreciated 🙂


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