A9 in Alaska! HURRAY!!

Oh brrrrrrr-iliant!! A9 has made it to lovely Alaska. Thank you so much for this kind customer to send in this picture and claiming a new territory. Help me light up the world by sharing this campaign with people please. Lot's of unclaimed countries (and States) and great opportunities to get your order 50% off … Continue reading A9 in Alaska! HURRAY!!

A9 Travels to Utah!

Woah, check out these pics that just came in of an A9 Canine over in the Utah desert! "In the first picture the town of Moab and The Portal are in the background. In the second, the Hell's Revenge trail on Slickrock is in the background. Taken from Dave's Trail - a local mountain bike trail. " (https://www.grandcountyutah.net/655/Hells-Revenge-44-Trail) … Continue reading A9 Travels to Utah!

Ranger travels to Melbourne

Oh look! It's the customized Ranger XX I recently shipped making an appearance in Organ Pipes National Park just outside of Melbourne. A9 Travels the World yet again! And a large territory (Australia) is lit in gold! Don't forget to take advantage of this amazing rebate offer found on https://a9rig.com/A9TravelsTheWorld.html The customer asked for the … Continue reading Ranger travels to Melbourne

A9 travels to Switzerland!

Oh yay! Nothing like waking up one Sunday morning to find an email of Ranger all the way in Switzerland standing beside some lovely waterfalls. You can learn more about the Rhine Falls here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhine_Falls https://youtube.com/shorts/NsEq4gsAJcM?feature=share I was very pleased to see this combo of materials on the new Ranger design so I recorded this … Continue reading A9 travels to Switzerland!

A9 Travels to Butte – Montana

Check out this cool shot sent by a customer in Butte, Montana. The angle almost makes it look like she's a full scale figure. Looks like beautiful country. Fills me with hope to know my figures are out there in the world traveling far and wide 🙂 If you are not familiar with the A9 … Continue reading A9 Travels to Butte – Montana

Rider Travels To Raleigh – North Carolina

Hey Rider is on the move! Now spotted in North Carolina's State Capital! Woah, where else has A9 gone? Please send your pics for an opportunity to get a 50% or 100% refund on your order. More details can be found here: https://a9rig.com/A9TravelsTheWorld.html. Rider featured in front of Raleigh skyline (State Capital)

A9 Travels to New York – Niagra Falls

New York has been claimed!! Thank you to this customer that took Rider to Niagra Falls for these epic photos. Even has a rainbow coming out of his rear! Hah hah!! Great details from the photographer: These photos were taken today (3/21/22), at Niagara Falls state park in Niagara Falls, New York (though Niagara Falls, Ontario, … Continue reading A9 Travels to New York – Niagra Falls

A9 Travels to Reno Nevada

Look at these beautiful shots of Rider hanging out in Reno, woahh! How fun is this! It makes me so happy to see Rider and one of my customers getting out there and having a little bit of fun. We could all learn from this example and get out there ourselves and enjoy life while … Continue reading A9 Travels to Reno Nevada