Incredible News!

Well, I’m party excited and distraught because of the amount of work I just created for myself.

But it turns out, that as of today I was able to produce an exact replica of Ranger at the 1:12 scale (Rider). Articulated hands, curvy legs, everything (and in the wooden material).   I’ll be showing you a video of this beautiful creation in action soon.  I mean it’s truly amazing to behold. Works even better than the simpler Rider did. I’m partly thrilled  and partly terrified because of what this means.  Because this is likely going to revolutionize our entire product line and probably be the nail in the coffin for our 1/6 scale items.

So I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen but for sure the 1/6 items will be taken off our website and possibly reserved exclusively for those subscribed as “collectors” or those placing custom orders.

Just keeping you all in the loop as things develop. A9 never ceases to surprise me and how it seems to have a life of its own sometimes.




Art Festival Recap

Woah! What a fantastic experience we had at this year’s Redmond Art Festival. We had so many visitors and of all ages.  People were especially mesmerized by being able to witness one of our 3d printers in action making pieces throughout the day.

And I’d like send out a special thanks to our fellow neighbor and artist of Forgotten Times Crafts because he purchased our very first wooden Riders and a number of the ivory ones making him our customer of the month. You should really check out his work at:

It’s so freakin’ cool to know these Riders are going to be hanging out beside this great artist making the coolest looking potions and maps I’ve ever seen.

The dragon was of course a major draw but so were having so many of these little guys all over the place for people to play with. It was so pleasing to be able to sit back and no longer worry about these little guys breaking. In the past I remember having to coach people on how to handle them, but now I could just sit back and enjoy watching all the poses people could get them into and soak in the joy that comes from people handling your product for the first time and learning how to use it without any input.

Even though the intention of the booth was primarily to promote the product and give away coupon codes, we still managed to sell hundreds of dollars in Riders.   So in almost every way the event was a success for us.

Thank you to all that stopped by and made the experience such a joy to be a part of.


June contest winners

Congratulations to last month’s Art Manikin Challenge winners! First place goes to James C Washington III for his beautifully inked steam punk beauty. James will be awarded a $300 coupon code to our storefront that can be used on any of our 1/6 items. Those priced at $300 or above come included with $240 in membership dues, a lifetime warranty and access to monthly 50%-off sales ($540+ value).

Our runner ups will each get a $60 coupon code to be used on any item on our storefront they choose. Each artist should get their coupon code via email within the next 24 hours. If you don’t, please reach out via message or email.

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for participating in last month’s Art Manikin Challenge. I encourage you to look up these excellent artists and browse through their other works:

James C Washington III :
Rory Adams:
Lynea Flynn:
Abigail: (no website submitted)

And don’t forget these contests happen MONTHLY, we’re already accepting entries for this month’s see-through creature theme:

Lots of ooohs and ahhhs

Lots of people stopping by the booth on day 1!

Come by and score a card with a 30%OFF code to all our products.

I’ve even got one of our 3d printers making wooden Rider pieces while I’m on the other side post processing and assembling pieces so you can see the process in action.

Be one of the first to own one of these wooden Riders by coming by my booth at Redmond town center tomorrow and Sunday from noon to 7pm