Tomorrow Oddmall last day!

We had fun today at OddMall​ !! 🙂 Tomorrow is the last day so come by and say hi any time between 11am-5pm. You can score some legacy ivory display armatures we’re liquidating half off ($35) and also giving away some coupon codes that apply toward any product we sell online.   We’re booth 19 in Bellevue College gymnasium.  Admission is FREE!

Last day for Christmas orders

Hey everyone, today is the last day you can place an order and expect it to arrive in time for Christmas (if shipped within the US). Armature Nine is a handmade art manikin that is one part tool, another part toy and yet another part work of art and collectible item for your home.  So it’s a great gift idea for anyone ranging from your teenage son or daughter that is looking for something to boost their creativity or even your friend, partner, parent or grandparent looking for something neat to fiddle with and or decorate the home. Each one is made by hand and to order.

A9 is one of a kind 🙂


High volume of sales

Hey all, in the past couple weeks we’ve experienced an unexpected volume of sales. We’ve been very busy making and building them and this week we’ll be shipping and fulfilling them all. So keep an eye out for your shipping notification and tracking number. My apologies for the delays. Rest assured your order will be shipping soon.  And any orders that are placed before the 15th this month we will be sure to ship in time for Christmas (if you’re located within the United States).


Just in time for Christmas

Contest deadline extended!

Hey all given the small number of entries we’ve received to last months’ Art Manikin Challenge we are going to extend the contest to December 15th and make this our last AMC for 2017.  This way whoever wins this month will get the news just in time for Christmas. And if you’re local, maybe even your prize in the mail if you place your free order quickly enough.

Placing an order before Christmas?

If you are looking to order from us and get your package in time for Christmas (AND you live in the United States) please place your order with us before December 15th for a  12/22-ish arrival.  Any orders placed after 12/15 we can not guarantee arrival in time for Santa.

In general it takes us seven days to turn around an order given how long it takes to manufacture and assemble these unique and patented designs.


More details for this month’s challenge here:

Custom dragon armature

Just finished this cool custom dragon biped armature. Did you know you can order custom armatures? There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Pick from existing pieces in our build-it page
  2. Email us a sketch and we’ll build it for you.

Option 2 is often chosen by customers who can’t find the exact length or type of piece for their armature in which case we’ll actually make new and custom pieces to fit your design.

What was especially eventful about this build is that it was my first time creating the dragon wings at this smaller scale.