A10 Components

Here’s a photo update showing what some of the Armature10 pieces are looking like. The idea with this library of products is that all of our A9 customers will be able to selectively augment their armature with realistic surface geometry all of which was derived through our in-house 3D scanning capabilities.

All of these pieces will be available individually as well as in themed sets. These in particular are for building two female age groups we are calling Ballerinas.

NOTE: That you sacrifice articulation and range of motion when using an A10 product. For instance, notice how the entire forearm (including hands) are all one connected sculptural piece. So there’s no finger, or wrist movement.  The idea with A10 is to provide artists with realistic (3d scanned) sculptural reference of the human figure, but allow you do use it selectively so that you can decide where you want to keep articulation and where you’re willing to sacrifice it.  But to have sufficient range of motion so that you could purchase an entire A10 doll and still have great posable reference.




Results for last month’s contest have been tallied.  1st place goes to this lovely and lyrical rendition of a female warlock created by ShozArt who’s art you can continue to enjoy here: https://www.artstation.com/shozart
Our runner-ups also created magnificent character renditions of their own and they include:

Kaitlyn – calicco.deviantart.com

Jeff Martin – Instagram: @jeffmartinart

Kiminjoy – https://www.instagram.com/kiminjoyland/

I invite you to explore everyone’s work and behold what a masterful group of artists are flocking to our monthly contests. It’s truly so uplifting for me to be a witness to this and brings me so much joy and humility.
Within the next 24-48 hours all four winners will be getting their $220 and $50 coupon codes to our storefront so if any of the winners don’t hear from me, please reach out via fb message or email.
REMEMBER ! This month’s theme is quadrupeds/creatures and the details are posted on http://www.ArtManikinChallenge.com
Everyone over the age of 18 is allowed to enter for a chance to win a free A9-RIG armature!


March Contest Winners

Finalists for the March 2018 Art Manikin Challenge have been selected!! But now it’s up to YOU to determine which of these will win the grand prize. To vote for your two favorites, please click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TDJFXN9
We got an amazing set of submissions last month and some truly beautiful works didn’t make the final cut so I invite you to visit our gallery of past entries and admire all the entries. Remember that you can enter our competition as many times as you like, even if you’ve won prizes in the past.
Thank you all for submitting such wonderful entries!

Unveiling version 2018

I’m so THRILLED to announce that Rider & Ranger have taken an evolutionary step forward in 2018. Ranger (as of now) has an additional five points of articulation in the hand with a thumb that can adduct and abduct and the other fingers have three joints each instead of two. Rider’s hands continue to have the same articulation as before but are created at twice the resolution rendering a much smoother and more solid/less fragile result. I put together this image to properly identify the major differences and advantages of each:

(all orders placed after 2/24/18 feature these improvements)