Prices have dropped!

Hey everyone,

My oh my, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to update this blog in a while. But I’m hoping that will change.

The biggest news is that our large and small armatures have dropped significantly in price

Rangers are now $190 (down from $220)

Rider are now $55 (down from $70)

Head on over to to take advantage of these great rates.  We are still assembling the armatures for you and offering lifetime warranties, but that will soon change.

So take advantage of this!


I’ll have new photos to share soon so you can see how far each product has come.


New Injection Mold!

Woah what a fantastic way to start 2019!

We’ve received our very first mold for our Small armatures. Consequently all Small (1:12) armatures have now dropped in price by $5 despite completely improving in quality.

These injection molded peanuts and necks fit so snugly and rotate so cleanly, it’s truly a step forward and one step closer to the eventual dream.

Here’s a picture of our very first injection molded pieces for Rider and all of our Smaller armatures that use them.

First A9-A10 Hybrid!

Goodness, it’s been two months since my last blog post!!!  So sorry !

But I’m happy to report that we are finally mostly caught up with online orders and other than one or two, the oldest order pending is from seven days ago.  This means we’ll soon be back to our usual 1-week turnaround.

Regarding getting caught up with orders, check out this large-scale custom armature that combines elements of A9 and A10 pieces.   You can tell how much larger this is by looking at the size of the platform.  It’s pretty big! 🙂

The customer specifically requested these items and proportions and the white trim pieces.  I think it looks pretty cool, do you?

I’m sharing because this is exactly what customers will be able to do once the A10 pieces become publicly available on our website. You’ll be able to mix and match them however you like.


A10 Update for Backers

Hello A10-Backers

My partner Rebecca and I have been making good progress manufacturing and assembling these ballerinas for you.  Here are some pictures:






Since last I posted there have been some new developments and blessings in disguise.  Our brown resin provider bailed on us a couple months ago which was pretty brutal because there were a number of ballerinas pieces that had already been manufactured in that color (and most sets only partially), which left too little resin to complete any sets before needing to reorder more.  So all these pieces and partially assembled ballerinas had to be discarded or disassembled and re-done.  But this time using what would became our new resin color from a new provider which turns out to be much much more appealing. So it was an Augh! followed by a YAY! But it definitely slowed things down.

Also, for those that ordered their ballerina with variants, you’ll be pleased to know the following:  The way it was going to work is that you’d have to unscrew the knee joints in order to insert a different foot variant, but we’ve decided to include the entire knee assembly and femur twist joint with every leg variant included. That way all you will need to do to swap tibias is to simply pop them off and on again.

But really the real reason things have been going so slowly is just personal life stuff.   That said, my goal the past couple months has been to get a first shipment out before the end of August so if anybody hasn’t filled out the survey or needs to update their shipping address now would be a good time to let me know.

Thank you for everyone’s patience and understanding.  All in all, they are turning out really great. There’s something really cool about holding in your hand a doll derived entirely from 3D scan data of a real human being. The realism is going to be so helpful for artists and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts once you have them in your hands.




For those new to A10:

Armature 10 is a series of products compatible with all of the A9 pieces, but instead of focusing on skeletal range of motion, they focus on accurate surface detail (derived from 3D scanning data).  Once backers get their orders fulfilled, we will make these pieces and sets available to everyone else.   The A10 dolls have a far more limited range of motion compared to the A9 armatures. Therefore, neither product replaces or supersedes the other, but with each we aim to meet different needs in the market.  By leveraging the same patented joint designs, you’ll also be able to mix and match pieces as you see fit in the event you want a hybrid doll/armature.