From sprites to high-resolution texture sheets

From sprites to high-resolution texture sheets, Digital Double can handle your texturing and uv-unwrapping needs. We've had experience working with flat and dynamically lit scenes. So be it a painterly approach or one that uses sophisticated shaders, we'll know what to do. Check out our new website and send us a request for a bid. … Continue reading From sprites to high-resolution texture sheets

Let us help!

Digital Double can double your production speed by letting us handle your 3D-modeling needs. With decades of experience and extensive libraries and tools built up over the years, we can produce low to high-poly characters, vehicles and environments in a matter of days or even minutes. You never know what's possible until you ask. Check … Continue reading Let us help!

A9 – A10 what’s the deal?

Hey so this question keeps coming up.  What is A9? Is A10 replacing A9?   Ok the answer is no. Absolutely no. A9 and A10 are different (but sister) product lines. A9 (or Armature Nine) is what you can currently get on  which is a collection of customizable skeletal art manikins made of snap-fitted … Continue reading A9 – A10 what’s the deal?

Seattle Rep Hires Digital Double for Stage Recreation

Some 3D Scanning work we did for Seattle Rep Seattle Rep took our scan and used it to create precise measurements for their stage construction Photo courtesy of Chris Bennion http://www.seattlerep.orgThis is an actual photograph of the sculpture Seattle Rep provided http://www.seattlerep.orgThis is what the scan data looked like http://www.seattlerep.orgAnd the finished production 🙂 So … Continue reading Seattle Rep Hires Digital Double for Stage Recreation