3D Scan Data

  http://www.armaturenine.com http://www.armature10.com Very excited to be piecing together some of the new 3D scan data for new body types being added to the A10 library.   We're planning on releasing these as static 1/6 scale statues first in an attempt to raise funds for more injection molds. Would you be willing to support such … Continue reading 3D Scan Data

Let us help!

Digital Double can double your production speed by letting us handle your 3D-modeling needs. With decades of experience and extensive libraries and tools built up over the years, we can produce low to high-poly characters, vehicles and environments in a matter of days or even minutes. You never know what's possible until you ask. Check … Continue reading Let us help!

A10 Update for Backers

Hello A10-Backers My partner Rebecca and I have been making good progress manufacturing and assembling these ballerinas for you.  Here are some pictures:           Since last I posted there have been some new developments and blessings in disguise.  Our brown resin provider bailed on us a couple months ago which was … Continue reading A10 Update for Backers

A10 Components

Here's a photo update showing what some of the Armature10 pieces are looking like. The idea with this library of products is that all of our A9 customers will be able to selectively augment their armature with realistic surface geometry all of which was derived through our in-house 3D scanning capabilities. All of these pieces … Continue reading A10 Components

Armature Ten Update

Hello A10-Ballerina supporters! Ok so there is a lot to update you on but here’s a teaser to hold you over a little longer. This image below shows an overview of what’s been going on design-wise with the project. On  the far right are the early models/prototypes featured in the  campaign video Then to the left … Continue reading Armature Ten Update