A10-Ballerina Update

Production underway

Hello A10-Ballerina supporters!

I’m happy to report production is underway and looking lovely. Here are some pictures featuring one of the ballerina variant torsos and a number of hand and foot variants already completed.

Once I have photos and video of the two completed ballerina age groups I’ll be sending everyone  a survey so you can descide which of the two you prefer to receive and where we should ship them.

There have been a number of challenges I’ve had to overcome to get to where things are today. The injection molding of course was the largest hurdle but thankfully that has stabilized.  Resin was another challenge to be able to produce brown pieces instead of the black ones you saw in the earlier injection molding examples.

Unfortunately I’m dealing with a new challenge this month which is our supplier is out of stock of the material we need to produce the brown plastic components and assures us they will have new inventory some time in August.    I’ve run completely dry of the material myself with all the experiments and trials I’ve been running over the last couple months and so until I can get a new delivery there are a number of components I simply won’t be able to manufacture.

What this means is that delivery of  your ballerinas may be delayed by one month (September instead of August).

I’m keeping an eye on it though and will be ordering resin as soon as it’s available again.  For now I’m focusing primarily on all the wooden components and will work on getting those out of the way.

thank you all for your patience and for your support of this project.

I’m thrilled with how things are turning out.

best wishes


A9 – A10 what’s the deal?

Hey so this question keeps coming up.  What is A9? Is A10 replacing A9?


Ok the answer is no. Absolutely no. A9 and A10 are different (but sister) product lines.

A9 (or Armature Nine) is what you can currently get on armaturenine.com  which is a collection of customizable skeletal art manikins made of snap-fitted interchangeable parts.

A10 (or Armature Ten) is going to be what will be available on armatureten.com  which will be a collection of 3D scanned dolls featuring a variety of body types in male and female forms.


Here’s a table to explain the differences

Armature TEN Armature NINE
Product Focus 3-Dimensional form Skeletal locomotion
Articulation Basic Full range
Customizable Yes Yes
Join design Both use the same joint design


A10 will probably be available by the end of the year so it’s still something that’s under development.  My last update shows a screenshot featuring the first two body types (10 year old girl and a 21 year old very petite woman).


I’ve been so busy working I haven’t had time to post updates recently so I apologize for that. Sales continue to roll in and it’s just me here printing and building armatures constantly.  I’ve also been training for a dance competition coming up on Friday. So if anybody wants to see me ballroom dancing I’ll be at the Seattle Star ball competing in the pro/amateur category on Friday.  I’m the amaterur, of course 🙂


Armature Ten Update

Hello A10-Ballerina supporters!

Ok so there is a lot to update you on but here’s a teaser to hold you over a little longer.

This image below shows an overview of what’s been going on design-wise with the project.

On  the far right are the early models/prototypes featured in the  campaign video

Then to the left are the two variants I’ve been designing through the aid of 3d scanning.  You’ll get to pick one or the other when I send the surveys out.

One of them my daughter and the other a professional model.  Both are 1/6 scale but the woman is meant to be short and petite for her age so that the figure is still only about 8-9 inches tall.

I’ll be talking about this and more, including what I’ve learned with injection molding and getting brown resin to work in the later update.

Production has begun for all the pieces that are injection molded (pictures to come on that as well).

But now need to finish designing the 3d printed components that will be made with the wood composite material and then begin production on those.

I’m still hoping to have everything completed by the end of August as originally promised.  Thank you all for your patience.

I’ve been collecting footage and images of the process and I’m still hoping to edit it all into a nice video for the next update.

Thanks again everyone 🙂



New injection mold

Our third mold funded through our Armature10 campaign has arrived and it’s beautiful! I’ve been experimenting with materials and temperatures and the results so far are stellar!  Here’s a picture of the mold:

And as if the cosmos was looking down on us, the arrival of our mold coincided with the notice from the federal government approving our patent application for this very part design. After years of waiting! Here’s an image showing the resulting parts themselves.

There are two more molds in the works. Once completed I’ll begin production on the A10 ballerina manikin (which you can still pre-order here btw: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a10-ballerina-manikin-dance/). But once production begins, sales will be closed.  So don’t miss this opportunity to get this beautiful manikin for only $30.



First crowdfunded mold is here!

So thrilled to announce that our first crowdfunded mold is here:

We’re going to continue to allow pledges coming in for a little while longer, but once all these molds are done I’ll be closing off the campaign for good so I can focus on planning out production.


This mold is for the knee joint which is used across all of our products. Once I start testing the mold and figuring out material/temperature settings, it will start to be rolled out with all new orders at that time. And yes, the part will be available all on its own through our armatuer maker page: https://armaturenine.com/create_onesix.html

It’s not available currently on its own because the only way to know if the knee part 3d printed correctly is to go through the assembly process. But once this mold is in operation, we’ll be able to sell a pair of knees all on their own for a great price! As it stands I often end up assembling three knees for every one that passes the test. With the mold, every single one is perfect!

The campaign is live for the time being here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a10-ballerina-manikin-dance/

More details updates about this  campaign via its updates tab.


Injecting molding is happening!

Wohoo!! Our Armature Ten campaign reached its goal tonight. So HAPPY!! THANK YOU to everyone that shared, pledged and participated in this campaign.

I guess third time IS the charm 🙂

With these funds we’ll be able to have molds made for all of these pieces all of which are used in every single one of A9’s 1/6 product line. (the necks are already done)



Another thing I’m also very excited about is that the remaining 3D printed components for Ballerina will be produced using dual printing so that we can deposit multiple materials at once which will enhance the performance of the joints considerably.


I always learn something new with each product and I anticipate much of this learning will also be transferred to the A9 series as well; and as well as the cost savings from being able to generate all these connectors with injection molding.  The knees have been a real challenge because they have a high failure rate when 3d printed and I regularly send out free replacements to customers (don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a pair btw).  With injection molding not only will they be faster to produce but will have a practically zero failure rate.

The non-universal peanut joint will be perfectly rounded which will allow customers to pop them in and out with more ease and not subject the torso and pelvis to risk of damage. And the elbows will no longer cause me headaches when trying to get them to make it out of the 3d printers with decent results.

This is a major step forward for A9 and marks the birth of A10.  I anticipate a $20 decrease in price for all of our 1/6 armatures once these molds are all done.

How long will it take? Well.. that all depends on how quickly our engineers can produce the molds because all the prep work on our part has been done already.

I’m hoping within the next two months all of these molds will be completed but they’ll come in one at a time within weeks.  Knees are first.

thanks everyone!!

~ Paul