A9 in Alaska! HURRAY!!

Oh brrrrrrr-iliant!! A9 has made it to lovely Alaska. Thank you so much for this kind customer to send in this picture and claiming a new territory. Help me light up the world by sharing this campaign with people please. Lot's of unclaimed countries (and States) and great opportunities to get your order 50% off … Continue reading A9 in Alaska! HURRAY!!

It’s our Ten Year Anniversary!

Happy ten year anniversary to Armature Nine! In December of 2012 A9 was born! The first figures released into the world were the A9 mini's. They were sent free of charge to those sharing (on facebook) news about the first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which raised $17,200 on December 5th 2012. Instead of spending money … Continue reading It’s our Ten Year Anniversary!

A9 Travels to Utah!

Woah, check out these pics that just came in of an A9 Canine over in the Utah desert! "In the first picture the town of Moab and The Portal are in the background. In the second, the Hell's Revenge trail on Slickrock is in the background. Taken from Dave's Trail - a local mountain bike trail. " (https://www.grandcountyutah.net/655/Hells-Revenge-44-Trail) … Continue reading A9 Travels to Utah!

Happy 4th of July!

For all those who celebrate, happy 4th of July and U.S. Independence Day! I'm reminded about how our liberty has lead to so much innovation and how many of these inventions brought the entire world closer together. As an immigrant, myself, I owe a debt of gratitude to this nation for opening its arms to … Continue reading Happy 4th of July!

Winners for Werebeasts Contest

This is long overdue, but here are the winners to the last Art Manikin Challenge that took placed in March. Prizes have been sent to the winners via email already. So if that's you, make sure you check your spam folder if you can't find it. And if you still can't find it, please reach … Continue reading Winners for Werebeasts Contest

March 15th – A9 Returns!

Hello everyone, Sorry for the long hibernation period this year. I'm making a comitment to bring back the products on March 15th. January 10th saw an unusually high number of orders, many of which included multiple figures. And I'm about done with all of them. Phew! Starting this week you should start seeing the date … Continue reading March 15th – A9 Returns!

A9 Travels to New Jersey

It's so thrilling to see these photos coming in from around the country and around the world. Here is a lovely series of shots that came in today featuring the A9 Digitigrade next to the 9/11 memorial there: "I purchased this anthropomorphic A9 for drawing and I absolutely LOVE him. I live in absecon New … Continue reading A9 Travels to New Jersey

A9 Travels to Finland’s Helsinki Cathedral

Hey hey! A new country on our map gets claimed by a customer in Finland with a heart for romance. The figures are seen kissing and embracing each other in front of the Helsinki Cathedral. You don't see a sight like this in mainstream media anymore (men and women truly loving and kissing each other). … Continue reading A9 Travels to Finland’s Helsinki Cathedral

Contest Finalists + New Contest Theme Posted

Hey Armature Nine community! I'm happy to announce the finalists to last month's contest. Please take a quick moment to cast your vote here: https://www.a9rig.com/survey.html I continue to be amazed at the quality of art that comes in each month and feel incredibly honored to host this contest each month. And YES, there is a … Continue reading Contest Finalists + New Contest Theme Posted

Voting results are in!

And here are the winners to last month's Art Manikin Challenge Paul Lee got first place with a very classical rendition of the human figure. You can see more of Paul's work here: Runer ups were Cassandra Day with a very graceful portrayal of the female form under garments of flowy fabric. Check out her … Continue reading Voting results are in!