New Quadruped Heads

I updated the quadruped heads to look more realistic. These are also available individually (in both sizes) via the site. So even if all need is the head structure you don’t even need the full figure, just get the head 🙂

Pear White / Ivory armatures returning If you're signed up to our mailing list you already know what's going on here. Just happy to announce production has begun for our pearl-white/ivory armatures. We've finally got some resin in this color/material and can begin making all the injection molded parts with it, and thus, produce armatures in this color again. Once … Continue reading Pear White / Ivory armatures returning

Introducing a new age group!

I'm so excited to finally get around to introducing this age group to the A9-family!  This is our official Teenager armature.  And the one that was formerly named  "teen" (just to its left) is now called "Tween." This photo also features our newest color for all of the trim pieces. They used to be much … Continue reading Introducing a new age group!

New Injection Mold!

Woah what a fantastic way to start 2019! We've received our very first mold for our Small armatures. Consequently all Small (1:12) armatures have now dropped in price by $5 despite completely improving in quality. These injection molded peanuts and necks fit so snugly and rotate so cleanly, it's truly a step forward and one … Continue reading New Injection Mold!