Unveiling version 2018

I’m so THRILLED to announce that Rider & Ranger have taken an evolutionary step forward in 2018. Ranger (as of now) has an additional five points of articulation in the hand with a thumb that can adduct and abduct and the other fingers have three joints each instead of two. Rider’s hands continue to have the same articulation as before but are created at twice the resolution rendering a much smoother and more solid/less fragile result. I put together this image to properly identify the major differences and advantages of each:

(all orders placed after 2/24/18 feature these improvements)



Tomorrow Oddmall last day!

We had fun today at OddMall​ !! 🙂 Tomorrow is the last day so come by and say hi any time between 11am-5pm. You can score some legacy ivory display armatures we’re liquidating half off ($35) and also giving away some coupon codes that apply toward any product we sell online.   We’re booth 19 in Bellevue College gymnasium.  Admission is FREE!


Last day for Christmas orders

Hey everyone, today is the last day you can place an order and expect it to arrive in time for Christmas (if shipped within the US). Armature Nine is a handmade art manikin that is one part tool, another part toy and yet another part work of art and collectible item for your home.  So it’s a great gift idea for anyone ranging from your teenage son or daughter that is looking for something to boost their creativity or even your friend, partner, parent or grandparent looking for something neat to fiddle with and or decorate the home. Each one is made by hand and to order.

A9 is one of a kind 🙂