Finalists & New Contest Is Here

Ok I'm back! Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. A fan of the Art Manikin Challenge got in touch with me and suggested a Were-beast theme and it got me excited again. So there is now a new contest theme up on WEREBEASTS Deadline is March 31st 2022 AND The Finalists Are: … Continue reading Finalists & New Contest Is Here

Contest Finalists + New Contest Theme Posted

Hey Armature Nine community! I'm happy to announce the finalists to last month's contest. Please take a quick moment to cast your vote here: I continue to be amazed at the quality of art that comes in each month and feel incredibly honored to host this contest each month. And YES, there is a … Continue reading Contest Finalists + New Contest Theme Posted

Voting results are in!

And here are the winners to last month's Art Manikin Challenge Paul Lee got first place with a very classical rendition of the human figure. You can see more of Paul's work here: Runer ups were Cassandra Day with a very graceful portrayal of the female form under garments of flowy fabric. Check out her … Continue reading Voting results are in!

Of Angels and Demons

New Art Manikin Challenge contest theme is up. The theme is Of Angels & Demons I hope you'll all take a moment to browse through the extensive gallery of images and submit an entry. If you already own one of the A9 figures, you can also use your own as reference. Just be sure to … Continue reading Of Angels and Demons

Art Manikin Challenge Theme

Hey hey! If you haven't seen it this month has a new contest theme called "FLOW" Can you take one of the A9 figures and derive a flowy drawing from the pose? Your submission can be a simple line drawing or sketch and doesn't have to be colored. Here's an example by Alex Farquhar. More … Continue reading Art Manikin Challenge Theme

Art Manikin Challenge Winners

Wow, we got so many votes last month (over 100). Thank you so much for participating everyone! First place went to Derj with this cool tonal/color study. Runner-ups were Fakel and Nicvoli with really inventive and original designs. Each of these artists will be getting their prizes via email in the next 48 hours. In … Continue reading Art Manikin Challenge Winners