Production on A9:TITAN has begun!

Just a head's up that I've finally begun production on a 1:2 scale figure (tentatively named A9:Titan). I'm going to be showing progress of this new manikin exclusively up on our much neglected patreon page: I've already posted a couple sneak peak views of the torso and a new articulated hand design which (due … Continue reading Production on A9:TITAN has begun!

Pear White / Ivory armatures returning If you're signed up to our mailing list you already know what's going on here. Just happy to announce production has begun for our pearl-white/ivory armatures. We've finally got some resin in this color/material and can begin making all the injection molded parts with it, and thus, produce armatures in this color again. Once … Continue reading Pear White / Ivory armatures returning

Introducing a new age group!

I'm so excited to finally get around to introducing this age group to the A9-family!  This is our official Teenager armature.  And the one that was formerly named  "teen" (just to its left) is now called "Tween." This photo also features our newest color for all of the trim pieces. They used to be much … Continue reading Introducing a new age group!

Custom Cartoon Armature

Customer orders this custom armature and sends us a zbrush model for the custom head shape. CREDIT: Anyone can do this by simply emailing your requests or messaging us on facebook.   Here's the drawing they sent which shows the design standing beside a human. This is a good way to provide your art so … Continue reading Custom Cartoon Armature

Battalion of Riders

So excited about this batch of twenty Riders going to an animation student club in Missouri.  They gathered the funds and made it happen. When there's a will there's a way 🙂 This is what inspired me to create the bulk discounts for Rider (%10-off for ten) and Ranger (%20-off for ten). These also happen … Continue reading Battalion of Riders

Projectile Feet!

Oh my gosh! Tomorrow there are three packages already stamped up and going out the door and at this very moment there are NO pending orders.   Woman and man alive!  I've got to think FAST. Maybe this is my chance to escape. Fake my own death.  SOMETHING! Ack!  RUN! Just kidding 🙂   Well... … Continue reading Projectile Feet!