Contest Winners

Congratulations to our May Art Manikin Challenge winners! Each of these individuals will be scoring some fantastic coupon codes within the next 24 hours. If you don’t receive it, send me a message here on facebook.
1st Place goes to Carolyn for producing this beautiful color work. You can see more of her work on:
Runner ups go to Popopoka, Steve & kcdraws. If you have website links send them my way so they become immortalized in our hall of fame.
And thank you to everyone that participated. Remember that we have these contests every month and details for June are already online:

April Winners!

Congratulations to Jay Holloway for winning the April competition with this beautiful fantastical rendition of a nature-laden beast. You can find more of Jay’s great work on

And a hearty congrats to our runner-ups:
Natasha Amber –
Devan Mingo –

Each of these winners should be getting an email within 48 hours with a coupon codes to our storefront $180 for the winner and $50 for each of the runner-ups.

A special thanks to all those that submitted entries but didn’t make the final cut. It was supremely difficult to narrow these down so I appreciate everyone’s effort. Don’t give up and try again at:

Contests are monthly!

Version 2017 – What has been learned

Hello everyone, sorry for my sudden lack of postings. I’ve been busy with an upcoming dragon armature design, the ballerina project (3d scanning my ten year old daughter), and a verity of other little things.

But I wanted to take a moment to remind you all that much has been learned from the recent 2017 release of Ranger. In particular with the springs in the feet.  If anyone has been experiencing any problems, please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing store-at-armaturenine-com. I’m happy to send out replacements.   It’s important to me that everyone be having a positive experience with their armatures.  The new and smaller hands are also getting better.  In fact, despite the addition of the magnets, they’re now easier to make than the older larger hands so Ranger has come down in price another $5 today.  Fundamentally what used to happen is there was a massive failure rate and I’d build three pairs of hands before I’d get one that worked. Now my failure rate is close to zero which feels amazing.     Now that the design has stabilized I intend to start offering hand customization soon.  But first I’m going to be releasing the claws again in anticipation of the upcoming dragon/beast release.

In other news, the buy-back program we had in February went really well.   And I want you all to know that this offer will remain open for anyone wishing to return either a Rider or Ranger armature from 2012 or 2013.  This is back when they only cost $15-$30 per armature.  You’d get a 100% refund in the form of a store credit for the same product. Just email a photo of your armature and your mailing address and I can send you a return stamp.

Oh and finally, remember each month we have an art contest for a chance to win a free Ranger and Rider (we give out 3-4 armatures each month).  Contest details are here:

And again, sorry for the absence. I suspect I’ll be bombarding you guys with updates soon once all these things I’m working on are ready to be shown.

stay in touch 🙂


Winners for February contest!

Time to vote on these fantastic entries for last month’s contest:

Winner will get a $195 coupon to our storefront and everyone else is getting $60 each. So congratulations to all four artists and special thanks to everyone else that participated. Please come back and try again!

We do these every month and details are always posted here: 


December 2016 Voting Results

art contest results

The votes have been counted!

Please join me in congratulating Erin Link for being last month’s contest champion!
This piece reminded me of something cartoonist and renowned pin-up artists Dean Yeagle told me once.  Many years ago, on a chance meeting at an animation festival I asked him “What makes someone sexy?”  As he signed and handed over one of his books he looked at me and answered with one word: “Personality!”And I gotta say, I think Erin figured that out by the careful use of detail and rendering in the face and eyes.

That said, there were a number of other excellent submissions, including those of our runner-ups. So I’d like to invite you visit their websites as well to see some of the other amazing work they do:

Erin Link



Sam Ferko
The theme for January 2017 will be “Bellic.”  Combat themed poses. I’m working on a new set of pictures and will be posting these along with the contest details soon.