March Contest Winners

Finalists for the March 2018 Art Manikin Challenge have been selected!! But now it’s up to YOU to determine which of these will win the grand prize. To vote for your two favorites, please click here:
We got an amazing set of submissions last month and some truly beautiful works didn’t make the final cut so I invite you to visit our gallery of past entries and admire all the entries. Remember that you can enter our competition as many times as you like, even if you’ve won prizes in the past.
Thank you all for submitting such wonderful entries!

Contest Finalists. Vote here!

We’re so happy to finally announce the finalists for the Nov/Dec Art Manikin Challenge and our last challenge for 2017. All entries were very strong all around making it immensely difficult to narrow it down to four. But narrowing it down to the final grand prize winner? Well, don’t look at me, that’s up to you by voting here: (select your two favorite finalists and the one with the most votes will win the grand prize)

Just in time for Christmas

Contest deadline extended!

Hey all given the small number of entries we’ve received to last months’ Art Manikin Challenge we are going to extend the contest to December 15th and make this our last AMC for 2017.  This way whoever wins this month will get the news just in time for Christmas. And if you’re local, maybe even your prize in the mail if you place your free order quickly enough.

Placing an order before Christmas?

If you are looking to order from us and get your package in time for Christmas (AND you live in the United States) please place your order with us before December 15th for a  12/22-ish arrival.  Any orders placed after 12/15 we can not guarantee arrival in time for Santa.

In general it takes us seven days to turn around an order given how long it takes to manufacture and assemble these unique and patented designs.


More details for this month’s challenge here:

Art Manikin Challenge Winners!
Votes are in and we have a winner!! Of the four finalists we selected, over 250 votes came in and emerging triumphant was Carina Salchegger’s green-friendly dragon. You can see more of her work on: I personally loved this one too.. especially how well executed the drawing was and how it truly took advantage of all the 3-Dimensional reference the dragon armature provided. So a tip of the hat to Carina for doing such a great job and yet designing such a clever and original creature around it.

This was one of the most difficult contests to jury because so many entries were so strong. But in the end we had to pick these great works by our runner-ups:

Diego Florio @diegoflorioarte
Rachel Willis
Rosemary Fung –

I encourage you to visit each of their websites and see some of their other great artworks. It’s always a breath of fresh air every month to have an opportunity to engage with such amazing artists.

Thank you all for participating!!!
And don’t forget we do these EVERY MONTH!

Them for November is already up on:

Note to winners: You should get a coupon code with your prize in the next 48 hours. If you don’t please message me here on facebook.

September Winners!

We’d like to extend our congratulations to last month’s contest winners and especially Crista Megee for winning 1st place!! Soon all four winners will be getting coupon codes to our storefront ($250 1st place and $50 runner ups).
We post these contests MONTHLY on
For those wondering how finalists are selected it works like this: Members of our team pick the three-four best entries and then let you (the A9 community) vote on your favorite of these. The one with the most votes wins first prize. You can actually hear a candid-microphone recording of the jurying process on our patreon page (
If you are one of the winners listed and don’t hear from us within 24 hours with your prize, please let us know. Codes will be sent in response to your art submission email or facebook message.
I invite you to visit each of these artists works and see what else they’re up to:
Diego – no website provided