Looking for models!

JOB OPENING FOR MODELS! Digital Double is looking for male and female models interested in getting a doll fashioned after them for our Armature10 line of products. Payment will be a 5% royalty of gross-sales every time a doll fashioned after you is sold. Pretty cool right?! This is an excellent opportunity to put your … Continue reading Looking for models!

From sprites to high-resolution texture sheets

From sprites to high-resolution texture sheets, Digital Double can handle your texturing and uv-unwrapping needs. We've had experience working with flat and dynamically lit scenes. So be it a painterly approach or one that uses sophisticated shaders, we'll know what to do. Check out our new website and send us a request for a bid. … Continue reading From sprites to high-resolution texture sheets

Let us help!

Digital Double can double your production speed by letting us handle your 3D-modeling needs. With decades of experience and extensive libraries and tools built up over the years, we can produce low to high-poly characters, vehicles and environments in a matter of days or even minutes. You never know what's possible until you ask. Check … Continue reading Let us help!