Ranger Travels to the UK!

WOW WOW! Check out these pics that a fellow customer sent from the UK: "I brought him with me to Balloch Park near Loch Lomond in Scotland for a little photo shoot to share with you. I thought I’d send several images to enter the A9 Travels the World Epic Rebate Challenge, as well as … Continue reading Ranger Travels to the UK!

A9 Travels to California

Check out this sweet photo sent by a customer that claimed California! It shows Ranger in front of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge! If you don't know what this campaign is all about, then you probably aren't signed up to our mailing list. But fear not, I'll be going public with this cool new A9 … Continue reading A9 Travels to California

Deer is back!

The 1/6 scale A9-Deer is back and I'm working on the fawn. The deer is available in the large quadruped dropdown and the fawn will be available in the small quadruped drop-down. The deer has a really elegant look but note that it takes more patience to balance because the feet are just ball joints … Continue reading Deer is back!

New Quadruped Heads

I updated the quadruped heads to look more realistic. These are also available individually (in both sizes) via the armaturelab.com site. So even if all need is the head structure you don’t even need the full figure, just get the head 🙂 https://www.a9rig.com/videos/2021_QuadrupedHeads.mp4

Production on A9:TITAN has begun!

Just a head's up that I've finally begun production on a 1:2 scale figure (tentatively named A9:Titan). I'm going to be showing progress of this new manikin exclusively up on our much neglected patreon page: patreon.com/armaturenine. I've already posted a couple sneak peak views of the torso and a new articulated hand design which (due … Continue reading Production on A9:TITAN has begun!

Making daily drawing prompt setup stop-motion friendly

So I need to update you on the upgrades to my daily drawing prompt setup. Today I got this new ring lamp (upper left) which will give me way more control over lighting. And a couple days ago I got that iPhone tripod adapter with a Bluetooth button to take pictures with. That’s what I’ve … Continue reading Making daily drawing prompt setup stop-motion friendly

Rider has taken an evolutionary step foward!

Really happy to announce that our 1:12 figures (variations of Rider) have been upgraded with a slight but significant improvement to the twist joint below the femur. This piece has been a bit of an ongoing issue. I'll be posting a video about this soon that goes over how to swap it and explain why … Continue reading Rider has taken an evolutionary step foward!