A typical injection molding session

Successful injection molding session today for some pieces I need in order to complete the next set of Rangers going out on Monday. It’s really eye opening to be involved with manufacturing a product from the beginning all the way through to the end. We owe all the people out there in the world manufacturing … Continue reading A typical injection molding session

New Injection Mold!

Woah what a fantastic way to start 2019! We've received our very first mold for our Small armatures. Consequently all Small (1:12) armatures have now dropped in price by $5 despite completely improving in quality. These injection molded peanuts and necks fit so snugly and rotate so cleanly, it's truly a step forward and one … Continue reading New Injection Mold!

Big step forward

Taking a big "step forward" in this ongoing evolutionary saga couldn't be more literal than it is is today. Because as of today all of our 1:6 products will have injection molded KNEES!! Which means you can also buy the knees all on their own here: https://armaturenine.com/create_onesix.html  Just $4 for all four parts and all eight … Continue reading Big step forward

First crowdfunded mold is here!

So thrilled to announce that our first crowdfunded mold is here: We're going to continue to allow pledges coming in for a little while longer, but once all these molds are done I'll be closing off the campaign for good so I can focus on planning out production.   This mold is for the knee … Continue reading First crowdfunded mold is here!

Injecting molding is happening!

Wohoo!! Our Armature Ten campaign reached its goal tonight. So HAPPY!! THANK YOU to everyone that shared, pledged and participated in this campaign. I guess third time IS the charm 🙂 With these funds we'll be able to have molds made for all of these pieces all of which are used in every single one of A9's 1/6 … Continue reading Injecting molding is happening!