A9 Achievement Unlocked – New Injection Mold!

I'm thrilled to announce that most of our larger figures are going to be made with a new injection molded part - The clavicles/clips! 😎 This part is very complex and I didn't think it would be possible to make a mold for it, but Ernesto (our machinist) pulled it off by creating an eight-part-mold!  … Continue reading A9 Achievement Unlocked – New Injection Mold!

New Injection Mold!

Woah what a fantastic way to start 2019! We've received our very first mold for our Small armatures. Consequently all Small (1:12) armatures have now dropped in price by $5 despite completely improving in quality. These injection molded peanuts and necks fit so snugly and rotate so cleanly, it's truly a step forward and one … Continue reading New Injection Mold!

New injection mold

Our third mold funded through our Armature10 campaign has arrived and it's beautiful! I've been experimenting with materials and temperatures and the results so far are stellar!  Here's a picture of the mold: And as if the cosmos was looking down on us, the arrival of our mold coincided with the notice from the federal … Continue reading New injection mold

First crowdfunded mold is here!

So thrilled to announce that our first crowdfunded mold is here: We're going to continue to allow pledges coming in for a little while longer, but once all these molds are done I'll be closing off the campaign for good so I can focus on planning out production.   This mold is for the knee … Continue reading First crowdfunded mold is here!

3D Scanning of Hand Process

Phil Burkhardt contacted us three weeks prior to needing half of his right hand amputated due to a rare cancer. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, Phil decided to make the best of it by having us 3D scan his hand and using the 3D data to generate a mechanical prosthetic later on. The hand, … Continue reading 3D Scanning of Hand Process