Some of my digital art using the

When I first built the armatures I was hoping I'd be able to use them as a tool for my own art projects, but what ended up happening is that so many people wanted them I ended up making armatures instead of art! Hahahah! The bright side of the quarantine is that it's given me … Continue reading Some of my digital art using the

Let us help!

Digital Double can double your production speed by letting us handle your 3D-modeling needs. With decades of experience and extensive libraries and tools built up over the years, we can produce low to high-poly characters, vehicles and environments in a matter of days or even minutes. You never know what's possible until you ask. Check … Continue reading Let us help!

Cinematic Animations by Digital Double

A flash game we worked on last year finally came out so we're excited to share with you some of the cinematic work we did for it. Original models and rigs from the TV series were provided by the client. We simply brought the characters to life and did all the lighting/rendering part as well. … Continue reading Cinematic Animations by Digital Double