Pear White / Ivory armatures returning If you're signed up to our mailing list you already know what's going on here. Just happy to announce production has begun for our pearl-white/ivory armatures. We've finally got some resin in this color/material and can begin making all the injection molded parts with it, and thus, produce armatures in this color again. Once … Continue reading Pear White / Ivory armatures returning

New Injection Mold!

Woah what a fantastic way to start 2019! We've received our very first mold for our Small armatures. Consequently all Small (1:12) armatures have now dropped in price by $5 despite completely improving in quality. These injection molded peanuts and necks fit so snugly and rotate so cleanly, it's truly a step forward and one … Continue reading New Injection Mold!

New version of Rider is HERE!

HEAR HEAR! The new 2017.7 version of Rider is now available! And if anyone is interested in the legacy ivory version it's still on Amazon for the time being (until listing is updated): Also.. when building your own 1:12 scale bipeds you have the option of selecting from the wooden or ivory materials. Even mix … Continue reading New version of Rider is HERE!

Art Festival Recap

Woah! What a fantastic experience we had at this year's Redmond Art Festival. We had so many visitors and of all ages.  People were especially mesmerized by being able to witness one of our 3d printers in action making pieces throughout the day. And I'd like send out a special thanks to our fellow neighbor … Continue reading Art Festival Recap

Ranger Still Evolving!

After the price hike on our 1/6 scale wooden products, there has been a significant decline in sales, which was an expected and welcome change of events (see my last video update). But sales didn't' stop completely. Especially for Ranger.  The slow-down has allowed me to devote more time on each of these armatures and … Continue reading Ranger Still Evolving!

Important Message Update: Sadly this plan never quite took off. The subscription model never gained sufficient traction - and being that I was still busy making the figures I never really put the time needed to fully make this transition happen. Sigh. It's really hard to really make any big moves in business without sufficientn … Continue reading Important Message

New products new prices

Hey all, just an FYI that we've got some new bipeds that will be unveiled tomorrow (a gorilla and a fictional monster). Also, prices will be going up slightly for our 1/12 scale armatures and significantly for our 1/6 scale. There is a 20%-OFF sale going on right now for our Patreon supporters ( So even … Continue reading New products new prices