Ranger gets a breast reduction + a Great story about Apache Warrior/Medicine woman

Recently a customer asked me to build her a custom Ranger-xx with smaller breasts and I liked the results so much I decided to make it the new design going forward. What do you think? This customer was kind enough to send me these really fun photos of her two Ranger figures helping her sharpen … Continue reading Ranger gets a breast reduction + a Great story about Apache Warrior/Medicine woman

Ranger Travels to the UK!

WOW WOW! Check out these pics that a fellow customer sent from the UK: "I brought him with me to Balloch Park near Loch Lomond in Scotland for a little photo shoot to share with you. I thought I’d send several images to enter the A9 Travels the World Epic Rebate Challenge, as well as … Continue reading Ranger Travels to the UK!

Ranger Travels to Arizona

Hey, check it out! Ranger is playing guitar in Arizona's London Rridge Check out that lovely guitar and chair and POSE! I'm so thrilled to see such a nice photo taken by one of my dear customers in the great state of Arizona. More from the client on this historic landmark: "Attached is a picture … Continue reading Ranger Travels to Arizona

Manikin Age Groups

This is an old photo but I figured it would be helpful to have these somewhere for people to see the general size/proportion differences between the A9 RIG age groups. I guess the only one missing from this image is the baby so I'll see if I can get another photo posted. Hardest part is … Continue reading Manikin Age Groups

A9 Achievement Unlocked – New Injection Mold!

I'm thrilled to announce that most of our larger figures are going to be made with a new injection molded part - The clavicles/clips! 😎 This part is very complex and I didn't think it would be possible to make a mold for it, but Ernesto (our machinist) pulled it off by creating an eight-part-mold!  … Continue reading A9 Achievement Unlocked – New Injection Mold!