Rider Travels To Raleigh – North Carolina

Hey Rider is on the move! Now spotted in North Carolina's State Capital! Woah, where else has A9 gone? Please send your pics for an opportunity to get a 50% or 100% refund on your order. More details can be found here: https://a9rig.com/A9TravelsTheWorld.html. Rider featured in front of Raleigh skyline (State Capital)

A9 Travels to Reno Nevada

Look at these beautiful shots of Rider hanging out in Reno, woahh! How fun is this! It makes me so happy to see Rider and one of my customers getting out there and having a little bit of fun. We could all learn from this example and get out there ourselves and enjoy life while … Continue reading A9 Travels to Reno Nevada

A9 Travels to Finland’s Helsinki Cathedral

Hey hey! A new country on our map gets claimed by a customer in Finland with a heart for romance. The figures are seen kissing and embracing each other in front of the Helsinki Cathedral. You don't see a sight like this in mainstream media anymore (men and women truly loving and kissing each other). … Continue reading A9 Travels to Finland’s Helsinki Cathedral

Rider Travels to Japan!

Woaaahhh!! Rider made it all the way to this beautiful town called Nagoya in Japan! I'm so grateful to this customer for taking the time to take these beautiful photos and participating in the A9 Travels the World campaign! Thank you so much! I've always wanted to travel to Japan. There is such beautiful architecture, … Continue reading Rider Travels to Japan!

Rider Now with XX, XY and Classic variants!

Happy to finally have Rider following suite with the new xx, xy and classic variants. Just like the Ranger figures, the xy and xx variants provide more accurate proportions and are also more stable. The Classic breaks some rules but offers more versatility with the magnet on the lobotomized head and flexible clavicles (creates an … Continue reading Rider Now with XX, XY and Classic variants!

New Stop-Motion Stand Now Available

I'm really excited toa nnounce that the cool new chroma-green stand is now available on the Armature Nine storefront. Skip to minute 10:30 in the video below to see what this is all about. In my opinion this is a must-have for anyone that currently owns a Rider or any of my small figures that … Continue reading New Stop-Motion Stand Now Available