Hey all, we have a 50%-off sale going on for our patrons on patreon.com/armaturenine

It’s something we do every month for the collectors among you whom value an opportunity to score one of our large 1:6 scale armatures each month half off. Simply subscribe for $20/monthly and get a 50%-off coupon code every month!  Plus you get access to exclusive content and get to extend your warranty on any product you own of ours for the duration of your subscription (applies to $5/month tiers and above).


New products new prices

Hey all, just an FYI that we’ve got some new bipeds that will be unveiled tomorrow (a gorilla and a fictional monster).

Also, prices will be going up slightly for our 1/12 scale armatures and significantly for our 1/6 scale.

There is a 20%-OFF sale going on right now for our Patreon supporters (patreon.com/armaturenine). So even if you sign up for a month ($5) you’ll be able to save yourself lots of money if you intended on buying an armature this month. The sale ends on the 31st this month.


We have a 20%-OFF sale going on through the end of the month and $20 content on our brand new Patreon page.

That’s right, we are officially on https://www.patreon.com/armaturenine

With only a $5 per month commitment you’ll get access to monthly sales, monthly exclusive video tutorials and content.  Right now, our entire two hour animation series and Dede Rig are up there ($20 value).  So even if you just sign up for one month, you’ll immediately get your money’s worth.

As you all know, I love creating content. But the sad truth is that 95% of it doesn’t ever see the light of day. So I have this treasure-trove of images and video I’d like to finally devote the time into editing and publishing. With a platform like Patreon, if enough people jump on board, I could finally justify the time investment and produce something that properly rewards you for your patronage.

The other exciting thing is that if this grows to a sufficient size (200 patrons a month) I’m making a commitment to invest into a new injection mold each month.  And when the Bucket of Bones finally becomes a reality, all patrons will be able to purchase the first bucket 50%-OFF.

So to subscribe to all this awesome content for only $5/month go here:


If you are an artist or maker, think of this as an investment in your personal growth and education.

If you are a returning customer, think of this as an investment in your wallet 😀

best wishes




Sale ends in 4 hours

Just a reminder that today’s EPIC sale ends in four hours (midnight PST).


There’s also still a great deal up on Etsy where you can get brown colored Riders for $30.  This offer will remain ongoing until we run out of them. There about 20 left.

And if you’re reading this after the sale ended sign-up for our mailing list because we still plan on doing the occasional 20%-off deals that apply to our entire product-line.



Special Sale – $30 Rider & Stand


Hey all, last year I started working on these brown Riders, but due to cosmetic imperfections caused by the material, decided never to launch them. But instead of letting them sit there I’m putting them on our recently resurrected Etsy shop to see if we can also breath some life into that online space for us. Will you help us out by sharing this news with others? Functionally the only difference between these and the ivory Riders is they don’t have the tripod adapter on the back that was introduced this year.

Even at $30, they still come included with the $10 platform. So it’s a pretty sweet deal!