Ranger Travels to the UK!

WOW WOW! Check out these pics that a fellow customer sent from the UK: "I brought him with me to Balloch Park near Loch Lomond in Scotland for a little photo shoot to share with you. I thought I’d send several images to enter the A9 Travels the World Epic Rebate Challenge, as well as … Continue reading Ranger Travels to the UK!

Updates on UK and EU VAT Situation

Phew! Ok, I've got some good news to share! I just got off the phone with Matt over at SimplyVAT and I gotta say, it felt so refreshing to talk to someone that understands this whole situation well and was able to explain it so clearly. Five stars to Matt over at SimplyVAT! Here's the … Continue reading Updates on UK and EU VAT Situation

Shipping to the UK is cancelled :(

Dear friends over at the UK, I'm sad to say that I've had to discontinue shipping to the UK. New government procedures are requiring me to collect the Value Added Tax on all UK-bound purchases and report these quarterly payments to the UK (plus some other paperwork). If my business ever grows to a point … Continue reading Shipping to the UK is cancelled 😦