Version 2017 – What has been learned

Hello everyone, sorry for my sudden lack of postings. I've been busy with an upcoming dragon armature design, the ballerina project (3d scanning my ten year old daughter), and a verity of other little things. But I wanted to take a moment to remind you all that much has been learned from the recent 2017 … Continue reading Version 2017 – What has been learned

Preparing a doll for animation

I took my very first wooden A9 that I made in Dec. 2015 and got it working like new again. This video shows how. The new versions of A9 don't ever get this loose, however as they use different materials that hold their tensile strength whereas the wood on wood combo had the tendency of … Continue reading Preparing a doll for animation

Ranger vs. The Competition

I thought it would be time to show how Ranger compares to leading dolls out on the market.  And since pictures are worth 1,000 words, I present to you: A9's 2017 Ranger vs The wooden doll TrueType ArtSBuck FigmaFlesh Sfbt3 Our bipeds come in two scales (Rider & Ranger). Purchase each here: RANGER ($220) RIDER … Continue reading Ranger vs. The Competition