A10 Components

Here’s a photo update showing what some of the Armature10 pieces are looking like. The idea with this library of products is that all of our A9 customers will be able to selectively augment their armature with realistic surface geometry all of which was derived through our in-house 3D scanning capabilities.

All of these pieces will be available individually as well as in themed sets. These in particular are for building two female age groups we are calling Ballerinas.

NOTE: That you sacrifice articulation and range of motion when using an A10 product. For instance, notice how the entire forearm (including hands) are all one connected sculptural piece. So there’s no finger, or wrist movement.  The idea with A10 is to provide artists with realistic (3d scanned) sculptural reference of the human figure, but allow you do use it selectively so that you can decide where you want to keep articulation and where you’re willing to sacrifice it.  But to have sufficient range of motion so that you could purchase an entire A10 doll and still have great posable reference.



High volume of sales

Hey all, in the past couple weeks we’ve experienced an unexpected volume of sales. We’ve been very busy making and building them and this week we’ll be shipping and fulfilling them all. So keep an eye out for your shipping notification and tracking number. My apologies for the delays. Rest assured your order will be shipping soon.  And any orders that are placed before the 15th this month we will be sure to ship in time for Christmas (if you’re located within the United States).


New version of Rider is HERE!

The new 2017.7 version of Rider is now available!
And if anyone is interested in the legacy ivory version it’s still on Amazon for the time being (until listing is updated):
Also.. when building your own 1:12 scale bipeds you have the option of selecting from the wooden or ivory materials. Even mix and match if you so desire.
Up next the props will be split apart into their respective 1:12 and 1:6 build it pages. That way you can get swords, poles and axes (and future props) scaled for Rider.
It’s incredible to have an exact replica of Ranger at the 1/12 scale. The hands being considerably larger is the only difference. And the toes having magnets that allow for tip-toe balancing. But the fact that all five articulated fingers with opposable thumbs are working at that scale is incredible.
More exciting news up ahead, including the A9-Dragon at that scale. Whoot!!
I’m so excited for the A9 series continuing to grow from here and how you’ll be able to pair it with pieces from A10 to pick and choose between articulation and surface detail. SWEET!!!

Unveiling new Rider

Really thrilled to unveil what will soon become the future of A9. Introducing the 2017.7 version of Rider. I expect this to be available before the end of the month and for our entire website to change once again.

The hands couldn’t get smaller than this because of the space needed to fit the magnet.  I hope people will be forgiving of the slightly oversized hands.  If not, I may look into a more proportional hand but without a magnet.  Feel free to post your thoughts via comment.


Incredible News!

Well, I’m party excited and distraught because of the amount of work I just created for myself.

But it turns out, that as of today I was able to produce an exact replica of Ranger at the 1:12 scale (Rider). Articulated hands, curvy legs, everything (and in the wooden material).   I’ll be showing you a video of this beautiful creation in action soon.  I mean it’s truly amazing to behold. Works even better than the simpler Rider did. I’m partly thrilled  and partly terrified because of what this means.  Because this is likely going to revolutionize our entire product line and probably be the nail in the coffin for our 1/6 scale items.

So I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen but for sure the 1/6 items will be taken off our website and possibly reserved exclusively for those subscribed as “collectors” or those placing custom orders.

Just keeping you all in the loop as things develop. A9 never ceases to surprise me and how it seems to have a life of its own sometimes.




Ranger Still Evolving!

After the price hike on our 1/6 scale wooden products, there has been a significant decline in sales, which was an expected and welcome change of events (see my last video update).

But sales didn’t’ stop completely. Especially for Ranger.  The slow-down has allowed me to devote more time on each of these armatures and focus my efforts on making subtle refinements. But also giving me the luxury of being far more picky with pieces that get approved for assembly.

Here are some images showing what these latest refinements look like. For the most part it’s cosmetic, such as getting a much cleaner and flush alignment between the magnets on the foot and toe with the base of the foot piece.  Design-wise the socked at the top of the torso changed substantially. I was really happy with the socket design I came up with for the A10-Ballerina so I borrowed it from her and gave it to Ranger as well.    Something that is also really helping is the different contact finish from glossy to matte.  This was something that showed up on the trim pieces because they were printed on a glossy surface and I’ve switched to matte.  It’s more difficult to do and more prone to failures, but it’s something I can afford to do now given the change in price.

So yeah, all in all very subtle stuff but I wanted to put this together to let you know I’ve always got my antennae up for potential ways in which the armature can improve. And any time I have a little bit of resource (be it time or financial) I tend to devote it to making improvements.  All of this then trickles out to all the sibling products over time so I’ve included some photos of those below as well.

Finally, perhaps the biggest change is that A9-Kid and A9-Teen come with articulated wooden hands instead of the plastic fists. The size of hand is still too big for those age groups but I’m sure I’ll work on shrinking them down in months ahead especially as I work and learn to make articulated hands for Rider.

OH! And all 1/6 scale purchases come with a life-time warranty (which is pretty freakin’ amazing if you think about it). Platforms come included as well.  And all those armatures priced at $300 and above come with a year subscription to our online content from which you can score monthly 50% off sales.   So in a way, if you were intending to buy lots of our products, our new approach to pricing may have just saved you a TON of money.


This is Ranger (xx). She’s looking more beautiful than ever!

This is the new quadruped design. The way the storefront will work is you’ll be able to select whichever head and neck combination you want.

This is the latest A9-Teen which now comes with articulated magnetic hands.


But of all the things I’ve helped bring into this world nothing will ever compare or come close to my children.  And as a “daddy” of two beautiful bottles of sunshine I know all too well the important role we (fathers) play in the life of children and how we help shape the next generation through our example. Even my own Dad whom is now a proud grandpa continues to be a father figure and supporting me in his own way. This weekend him and my Mom stopped by to take the kids for a few days so me and the misses could get some quiet time.

So to all the men out there that strive each day for the well-being of their children I say to you, Happy Father’s Day! Keep being awesome.