Mold Engineering

Got this email update today from one of our engineers (Ed). I hope you guys don’t mind these frequent updates but it’s also a good way for me to journal progress. If you want to unsubscribe, I believe you can do so in your indiegogo profile settings.

Here’s what he said (and a screenshot he sent below):

“The CNC programming for the mold is in progress.  An extended-length ball end mill for the peanut edge fillets has been obtained and the remaining tooling is in hand.  I should be machining the molds on Monday of next week. 

I have been working continuously since our last communication on machining and finishing techniques for aluminum bezels…to figure out costs I need to have actual machine run times for the desired finish levels. The CAM simulations certainly provide useful information.  The lesson with the bezels is that usable surface finish requires tuning of the machining process beyond what the simulations suggest and that the tuning has to be optimized to also reduce machining time which primarily drives part costs…on the positive side, your mold has only a few surfaces with actual finish requirements. “

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