April orders almost done

Hey everyone, just an update to let you know I’m almost done with all of April orders. Just haven’t updated the date up top yet. I have most of them being built simultaneously so you’ll probably see that date up top skip over to May here shortly.

The orders really thinned out after this because people wised up to the wait time. So May orders should go much faster than Aprils and so on and so forth.

Again, thank you for everyone’s patience.

I was able to fix the issue with the hands (nozzle issue). But I’ve had other technical struggles, especially for the plastic parts. It’s really not a big deal and I really should just stop everything I’m doing and focus on repairs for a little while. Of my 15 3D printers I’ve only got 4 I can count on reliably right now and only one of them can do plastic parts. Blurg! It’s really slowing me down.

Fixing 3D printers is frustrating because you can literally spend an entire day just trying to figure out what the problem is, trying a few solutions and …. nothing. So it’s just so hard to justify the time. Having 24 hours go by without anything happening is emotionally brutal. But one of these days I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and halt everything so that I can focus on that. It’s a thing of beauty though when I’ve got them all in operation. The rooaAArr of all the pritners going at once is something I’ll need to record some day 🙂

Thank you all!

4 thoughts on “April orders almost done

  1. Keep up the good work Paul! I totally get what you mean about troubleshooting being emotionally unsatisfying. I hope whenever you do make time to fix them all it’ll go smoothly!

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    1. Thank you for understanding 🙂 Yeah… when time is so precious, you really hate to see a day go by without making any material progress on something. Some time this coming week I’m going to put everything on hold just so that I can dive in and see what’s going on. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and get a few more printers back into operation. I got some parts in the mail last week that I’ve been anxious to try out. If they work I’ll go from 1 printer being able to do plastic partrs to five, which would be…. amaaaazing.


  2. hey Paul missy here just wanted to see how were doing I know how stressful it can be to keep up with all of the order that are coming in. i was wondering about what you would think of a Lazer 3d printer instead of the traditional 3d printer, but I’m no expert on 3d printers but I was looking into them when I saw a video about a Lazer 3d printer, but that may not be the best option for your products. also, any luck with the 3d prints molds?

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    1. Hi Missy Guice, thanks for checking in. It’s going ok, just really bothers me how slow I’ve been lately. Not so much stressed as furstrated :/ So yes, I have looked into SLA printing and I’m still not convinved it would work for my needs (strenght and tensile properties of materials needed for an articulated figure). There are also liquids involved that have to be poured, and dispoded of carefully because they are toxic and managing that process could be rather wasteful, costly and also too time consuing to be doing repeatedly. I’m doing thousands of individual pieces every month and so to be repeating that process with liquid resins would probably be too inpractical. So FDM seems to be the best approach for now.

      I had a near-success with a recent metal 3D printed injection mold but because the surface was so textured it was really difficult to separate the part from the mold, even with mold release.

      I tried casting, tried 3d printing – now I’m thinking of getting my own little CNC machine, but that’s a non trivial expense and also a steep learning curve I imagine. So I may see if I can go back to finding some service providers. My previous contacts have all been too busy making mask molds for covid and other virus-related inventions – (sigh)


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