XX & XY discontinued! A somewhat controversial update

I have an interesting, perhaps somewhat controversial update for you all. As of today I’ve discontinued the xx & xy designation for our figures.

Ranger and Rider were always intended to represent the human skeleton and therefore not be gender specific. The initial impetus to change this and create a distinction was an evening when my daughter expressed frustration with the lack of volume on the torso when trying to create dresses and female clothes for the figure. I too, as an artist, thought it would be useful to have the volume of the breasts for drawing and lighting reference. And so I took the bold move of creating a distinction.

But I believe this was a mistake. It was an off-brand move and conflicted with the aesthetic of the A9-Rigs altogether. And because of this has been troubling me ever since.

That said, the xx & xy designation WILL return but it will have a slightly new look and probably integrate aspects of the A10 (Armature One, O) 3D scan data I’ve been working. This is a brand that is designed to reflect the more binary and beautiful quality of the male-female spectrum. For an example of what I’m talking about, see this blog post from a year ago where I feature something similar that I built for a custom order: https://armaturenine.wordpress.com/2018/11/19/first-a9-a10-hybrid/

That said, Riders & Rangers will now come with the regular and narrow set of clavicles so that you can swap them and get a narrower or wider back as you see fit.

And once I’ve finished re-designing the XX & XY products, those will be available in addition to the non-gendered Rider & Ranger (3 Riders & 3 Rangers)

I hope this makes sense. Thank you for your patience and grace as I learn and iterate my way through this venture.

Stay tuned for some new imagery featuring a new look for the gendered armatures.


2 thoughts on “XX & XY discontinued! A somewhat controversial update

  1. I admit that the original XX/XY designation announcement left a bad taste in my mouth. However, with this update, I’m glad to return to the A9 brand. About time, too; there have been some cool developments around here, and I’m in need of replacement armature parts! 🙂

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