Armature Nine Assembly

Hello Armature Nine Supporters!

Just a quick update to show you how things are coming along. As you know, I recently completed 3D printing all the parts for your orders (over 30,000 individual 3D printed pieces… crazy, I know) and I am now immersed in the process of assembling them together.  It’s going quite well, here are some pictures:

This image shows parts for the 11″ armature. As you can see, I’ve taken an assembly-line approach by focusing on arms, then legs, then cores, etc for all the armatures). So I’m done with the hard part. Now I just have to snap these bits together which should go pretty quickly. 

(I’ve done the same for the infant, child and teen armatures)

This picture below shows the stash for all the variants. What you’ll notice is I decided to include the peanut joint in all the torsos (and heads). That way you’ll have an easier time swapping them in and out.  It turned out that removing the peanut joint from a torso or a head (because the fitting is so tight) increased chances of breaking it, so this way, it’s better all around… yay!

And here’s me thinking through how I’m going to box these little guys (see photo below). This is also the first picture showing all the products together…. all but one, that is.

The one that’s missing is the 1:1 hand armature. Unfortunately, since I’ve been so consumed with all this assembly work, I have not had a lot of time to devote to re-design or production of the hand so likely what will happen is I’ll start to ship out all the products you see in the photo above and then send out a second shipment of the 1:1 hand for those that ordered it (about 70 people).

That’s it for now! Thanks again for everyone’s patience.  I’m still expecting to begin shipment in the next week or so and will probably stay busy packaging and shipping ordered through January. Over 1,800 armature prototypes heading your way soon! 🙂

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