December 2016 Voting Results

art contest results

The votes have been counted!

Please join me in congratulating Erin Link for being last month’s contest champion!
This piece reminded me of something cartoonist and renowned pin-up artists Dean Yeagle told me once.  Many years ago, on a chance meeting at an animation festival I asked him “What makes someone sexy?”  As he signed and handed over one of his books he looked at me and answered with one word: “Personality!”And I gotta say, I think Erin figured that out by the careful use of detail and rendering in the face and eyes.

That said, there were a number of other excellent submissions, including those of our runner-ups. So I’d like to invite you visit their websites as well to see some of the other amazing work they do:

Erin Link



Sam Ferko
The theme for January 2017 will be “Bellic.”  Combat themed poses. I’m working on a new set of pictures and will be posting these along with the contest details soon.



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