Ranger vs. The Competition

I thought it would be time to show how Ranger compares to leading dolls out on the market.  And since pictures are worth 1,000 words, I present to you: A9’s 2017 Ranger vs

  • The wooden doll
  • TrueType
  • ArtSBuck
  • FigmaFlesh
  • Sfbt3

Our bipeds come in two scales (Rider & Ranger). Purchase each here:

RANGER ($220)

RIDER ($90)

The Wooden Doll Review TrueType Review Art S. Buck Review Figma Flesh Review Sftb3 Review Sftb3 Review Sftb3 Review Sftb3 Review

4 thoughts on “Ranger vs. The Competition

    1. Hi Roberto, the classic has the original torso with the logo on it and also comes with a pair of flexible clavicles. The top of the head is flat with a magnet. The XY has a more realistic proportion with fully shaped head and more natural looking torso (no logo). The XY is also the only figure currently featuring injection molded clavicles (they are rigid, however and not flexible). This video does a good job of showing the differences: https://youtu.be/Fbk9GAYORew


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