First crowdfunded mold is here!

So thrilled to announce that our first crowdfunded mold is here: We're going to continue to allow pledges coming in for a little while longer, but once all these molds are done I'll be closing off the campaign for good so I can focus on planning out production.   This mold is for the knee … Continue reading First crowdfunded mold is here!

Become a 3D Animator for only $20

I can't believe I started working on this EIGHT years ago. Better late than never I guess.  Hope you enjoy: Download here -> This purchase comes with a cool easy to use animation rig and 2 hour video lecture series that will walk you through the process of animating and navigating the Maya interface, step by step. Oh … Continue reading Become a 3D Animator for only $20

Ballerina Campaign Almost There!

We're thrilled to announce that the A10-Ballerina campaign is only a few hundred dollars away from reaching its goal! If this goes through, it will push A9 and A10 into injection molding in a big way. We'll be able to produce the knees, the leg twist, elbows and peanuts through injection molding which will not only help … Continue reading Ballerina Campaign Almost There!

Now for something new – Coming March 1st

Those of you that have been following my progress on A9 the last four years know that before A9, there was A8, A7 and all the way down to A1.  Only A9 was ever released, and then all the subsequent versions that have come along the way. But something you DON'T know is that before the … Continue reading Now for something new – Coming March 1st


We are doing a total recall of the 5" and 11" bipeds customers purchased between 2012 and 2014 (known now as Riders and Rangers). The recall ends on February 28th   Before then you will be able to return your purchases for a 100% refund in the form of a store credit to get the … Continue reading TOTAL RECALL!